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Georgia Amusement Park Ride Malfunctions, Leaves Children Dangling in the Air

Can I file a claim against the amusement park if I am injured on a ride?

For two children and their families, what should have been a fun day at the fair turned into a terrifying ordeal when a ride malfunctioned, leaving the children dangling 30 feet in the air.  The children were riding “The Zipper,” a ride which brings passengers up into the air and flips them around.  A malfunction caused the door of the car holding a 13-year-old boy and his younger cousin to open.  As it opened, the harness holding the boy was also jarred loose.  The 13-year-old was, fortunately, able to grab onto the harness and hold on for his life, while staff worked to bring him down.  The harness holding the young girl remained intact, securing her until she too was rescued.

While no one was injured in this amusement ride accident, the incident left many with frayed nerves.  The ride was closed following the incident and staff members apologized to the families involved.  Still, for the children and their families, along with any who witnessed the ordeal, it will not be soon forgotten.

Amusement Park Accident Litigation

Amusement park accidents occur more often than many of us realize.  According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), roughly 8,000 people are injured each year on amusement park rides.  This figure only reflects those injuries serious enough to require emergency room treatment.  Roller coasters and whirling rides are the most common causes of serious amusement park injuries and deaths.  Injuries stemming from amusement park accidents include death from being thrown from a ride, traumatic brain injuries, head, neck, and back injuries, and more.

In Georgia, individuals injured on amusement park rides may be able to seek compensation from the amusement park or fair that owns and operates the ride, or the manufacturer of a defective ride.  Liability for an amusement park ride may rest on negligence or a product defect.  Instances of negligence include failure to properly maintain the ride, inadequate warnings, failure to inspect the ride, and failure to train ride operators adequately.  Defects involving a ride could include structural or design defects that lead to the injury or death.

Anyone injured in an amusement park accident should contact the Georgia personal injury attorneys at Randall F. Rogers, P.C.  Our experienced firm will fight to see that you receive the full compensation you deserve from the negligent amusement park or ride manufacturer that caused your injuries.

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