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Are E-Scooters Safe?

With the rapid growth of technology, it can be extremely difficult for the law to keep up – in fact, it often lags behind, sometimes even by several years. This can be evidenced by the current status of electronic scooters (“e-scooters”), which are stand-up scooters that utilize a small internal combustion engine or electronic motor to move. In recent years, these e-scooters have begun to gain widespread popularity. Unfortunately, not everyone is as enthused about this newer mode of transportation. 

Since e-scooters do not have a long, regulatory history, many riders believe that they are legally allowed to do whatever they please when riding one. So although this mode of transportation serves to greatly decrease our carbon footprint in comparison to other modes of transportation, it has also raised several new legal issues. One place that has borne witness to this firsthand is Atlanta, Georgia. 

E-Scooters Are Putting People at Risk

There are four different situations in which we know that e-scooters put people at risk. These injury-causing situations include riding at excessive speeds, colliding with other motor vehicles, riding on the sidewalk, and creating a tripping hazard for pedestrians when they are left on the sidewalk. 

E-scooters can reach upwards of 15 miles per hour at their fastest. Although this seems impossibly slow in comparison to other motorized vehicles, it is much faster than surrounding pedestrians who are either walking or even running! You can think of e-scooters as the motorized equivalent of a touring pace on a bicycle. It has been well-established that bicyclists who are struck by another motor vehicle (even at lower speeds) can suffer very serious injury or even death. Add to that a lack of regulation regarding helmets on e-scooters, and you have a very dangerous situation. 

Likely Liability

In Georgia, it is illegal to drive any motorized vehicle on the sidewalk. Therefore, if someone on an e-scooter collides with a pedestrian walking on the sidewalk, the individual riding the e-scooter will most likely be found liable for the accident. Also, generally speaking, an individual who leaves their e-scooter lying around on the ground only to have a pedestrian trip is liable for that person’s injuries. 

Just as motorcycles are dangerous on roads since other vehicles fail to see them, so too are e-scooters. With silent motors and small profiles, e-scooters can be easily missed, which could prove deadly – likely for the scooter rider. 

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