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Defective Furniture Lawyer in Marietta & Atlanta Georgia

Defective furniture causes numerous injuries each year. Randall F. Rogers handles defective furniture cases.  Defective furniture accidents include:

  • Defective dresser accidents
  • Defective bed accidents
  • Defective bookshelf accidents
  • Defective chair accidents

Defective furniture is categorized under an area of personal injury law referred to as “product liability.”  Product liability laws govern the responsibility of designers, manufacturers, and sellers to create a safe product and to forewarn consumers of existing hazards associated with the product.  If designers, sellers, or manufacturers fail to create safe products or warn consumers of defects, and a consumer sustains an injury due to the defective product, the designer, manufacturer, and/or seller may be considered liable for injuries the consumer sustained.

Any client that has been injured by a piece of defective furniture may be entitled to seek compensation from the product’s designer, seller, or manufacturer.  Victims may recover medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

After someone has been injured by a piece of defective furniture, he/she may feel helpless.  It is hard enough for people to deal with the physical symptoms and recovery, let alone the financial difficulties that are often associated with most defective furniture injuries.

At Randall F. Rogers, PC, we believe that our clients should be allowed to focus on getting better without having to stress over their future well-being.  We are skilled Georgia personal injury attorneys who will aggressively fight for maximum recovery of damages for our clients’ serious injuries due to designers’, sellers’, or manufacturers’ negligence.

The attorneys at Randall F. Rogers have extensive legal training and experience in personal injury law.  We have handled numerous defective furniture cases throughout Marietta, Atlanta, and Georgia.  If you have questions about a Georgia defective product case, contact Randall F. Rogers today for a free consultation at 770-590-0300.