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Death is hard for us to understand.  Losing someone changes us and many others.  When we have a chance to think about the loss being because someone made a mistake, we want to do what is right for our family and for the lost loved one.  Natural and healthy questions arise. Surviving family members, often faced with significant emotional and financial burdens, deserve answers and justice.  We have thirty years of experience in making wrongful death claims.

Grounds for a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Georgia

In order to pursue a wrongful death claim, it is necessary to show that the negligent or careless conduct of another person or entity caused or contributed to the death. These cases often arise as a result of automobile accidents, workplace accidents, or medical negligence. If the death was caused by malice or intentional violence, a wrongful death lawsuit can also be brought against the responsible person(s). If a defective or dangerous product caused a loved one’s death, the manufacturer might be strictly liable.

Who can bring a wrongful death lawsuit in Georgia?

In Georgia, a wrongful death lawsuit can be brought by surviving family members, and claims are divided into two parts: the first is held by the deceased’s estate, the second by the surviving spouse or children.  The estate’s claim is to recover damages for any medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering that occurred before the death.  Because these pre-death losses are considered debts owed to the estate, it is necessary for the spouse, or the guardian of minor children, to qualify as the executor or administrator of the deceased’s estate in order to sue for these damages.  The second part of the claim is designed to compensate for the intrinsic value of the special life of the deceased.

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We will navigate the legal complexities related to the deceased’s estate and recover compensation for the full value of a lost loved one’s life.  When families of the victims are dealing with grief and anger, we offer them dignity and compassion to help them get through this difficult time.  We will fight to obtain a fair settlement from the insurance company, and if the insurer does not offer reasonable and adequate compensation, we will vigorously litigate the case in court.  We know money doesn=t put things right, but we are committed to doing what is right for you and your family.

It is almost always to your advantage to be represented by a lawyer when you have been personally injured.  We do not charge you to speak with you or meet with you.

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