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Constitution Day 2011

Randall F. Rogers Marietta Constitution Day 2011



After having such a great time in 2010, the Cobb County Trial Lawyers Association, along with help and support from the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association, decided once again to sponsor a booth at Constitution Day on the Marietta Square.  Constitution Day is a day of education and camaraderie centered on the United States Constitution.  Each Amendment is represented by a booth, where volunteers are stationed to teach and engage in healthy dialogue about the importance of our Constitution.  Naturally, our group chose the 7th Amendment, which is our right to a civil jury trial.

As we began to setup our booth, we were welcomed by absolutely beautiful weather and an amazing scene.  American Flags were gently rustling in the breeze, smells of BBQ wafted through the air and live music played on the Marietta Square stage.  The GTLA booth came together quickly.  We had a huge banner telling everyone who we were, folders containing information about Civil Justice and two inspirational quotes from Thomas Jefferson and John Adams flanking our table.  With our booth looking impressive, we began welcoming guests.

The majority of the people attending Constitution Day are members of the Tea Party, Libertarians or Republicans.  These groups of people saw our booth and often openly wondered why “a group of trial lawyers” would be at an event like this.  We smiled politely and told them in no uncertain terms, that when it came to Civil Justice we had more in common then they thought.  We told the patrons we believed, like them, in personal responsibility, the Constitution and small government.  We explained that a jury is the smallest and most local form of government in our society.  We then said that many politicians who call themselves “conservatives” act like hypocrites when they propose big government ideas like state wide or national “tort reform”.  After spending time explaining our beliefs, we began making friends and convincing people that “tort reform” was simply another way for the insurance industry to erode our 7th Amendment Right to Trial by Jury.

I believe people walked away from our booth appreciating our passion for the Civil Justice system and with a better understanding of why “tort reform” is contrary to our Constitution.  I hope there is a 3rd Constitution Day so we can continue this important dialogue.

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