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Vaping Deaths Lead to Product Liability Lawsuits

Who is legally liable for marijuana vaping injuries and deaths?

Vaping was originally touted as a safe alternative to traditional cigarettes. Since their introduction into the market, e-cigarettes and vape pens have become wildly popular. As of 2018, an estimated 41 million Americans are vapers, according to the World Health Organization. Despite their popularity, recent evidence has emerged that should have all of us questioning the true safety of vaping. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported at least 18 deaths and 1,000 lung ailments that appear to be linked to vaping. Our Marietta, Georgia product liability lawyers discuss the recent vaping deaths and illnesses and what it might mean for the makers of these products.

Cause of Vaping Deaths and Illnesses Remains Unclear

The recent vaping related deaths continue to puzzle doctors. The 18 deaths happened across 15 different states. The average age of the victims was 50, with the youngest victims only in their 20s. Thus far, the deaths and illnesses have not been linked to one particular product, but it does seem that vaping oils containing THC are the primary cause. The CDC has advised the public to stop using all vaping products until more is known about the cause of these deaths.  

Initial research suggests that vitamin E acetate which is found in cannabis vapor could be dangerous. However, with so many ingredients found in vaping products, it is hard to isolate the precise cause of the injury-causing compounds. Even as investigations remain ongoing, civil litigation against the sellers and manufacturers of vaping products.

Product liability lawsuits have been filed thus far on behalf of young consumers against Juul Labs Inc., a maker of e-cigarettes. The lawsuits range, with many asserting that the plaintiffs became addicted to Juul. Other lawsuits claim that the e-cigarettes caused ailments such as seizures and strokes. Several lawsuits focus on whether the vape products are inherently dangerous and whether Juul failed to warn consumers of the dangers. 

It is anticipated that thousands of lawsuits will be filed against e-cigarette makers in the coming months. Other potentially liable parties could include the creators of the potentially dangerous THC compounds and the sellers of such products. For now, anyone who suspects they have suffered an injury due to e-cigarettes use should consult with a product liability lawyer.

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