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Dangers of Sharing the Road with Large Trucks

Sharing the road with large trucks is simply something everyone must face. These oversized vehicles are common sites on the road, especially if you are traveling on the highway. It is important to understand the particular dangers posed by large trucks. Knowing and understanding how these vehicles move and operate will help you be mindful of how to stay safe when you find yourself sharing the road with them.

Be Careful – Follow These Safety Tips for Sharing the Road with Large Trucks

It is best to start off with what is the most obviously unique trait about large trucks. They are, in fact, sizeable. They are big and they are heavy. This creates several dangers for those who are sharing the road with them. For instance, because large trucks weigh so much, it takes them much longer to brake than other vehicles. Some 18-wheelers can weigh more than 10,000 pounds. This means that the truck will require much more room to stop than another vehicle. In fact, it can easily take it twice as long to come to a full stop. Because of this, you should always give trucks as much space as possible. 

Avoid Making Them Brake Suddenly

Avoid any situation where the truck driver may be forced to suddenly brake. While it may be tempting to speed up and get in front of a truck that is looking to move into your lane, do not do it. Not only could this lead to the driver not having enough time to adequately brake, but it could also create a situation where the driver suddenly swerves and jackknifes. These types of accidents can have catastrophic consequences for others on the road. The size and weight of large trucks mean devastation for other vehicles in the event of a collision.

Stay Out of Their Blind Spots

Another big danger of sharing the road with large trucks is the fact that they have huge blind spots. You may hear these blind spots referred to as “no zones” and that is because you should not linger in these areas and avoid entering into them as much as possible. The sides, front, and rear of large trucks are all no zones. When you drive in these areas, it is likely that your car disappears from the view of the truck driver. The general rule of thumb is that if you cannot see the face of the driver in the truck’s side mirror, then the driver cannot see you. It is always best to assume that the driver cannot see you and to drive accordingly.

Make Sure They Have Room to Turn

The size of large trucks also makes it difficult for them to make turns. Large trucks make wide turns. Give them extra turning space. They often swing wide and may even start a turn from a middle lane. Give them room and never try to squeeze by a turning truck or enter the space between the turning truck and the curb.

Stay Away from Them When It’s Raining or Snowing

If you have ever shared the road with a large truck when it was raining, snowing, or there had recently been rain or snow, you know that another danger of sharing the road with a large truck is the spraying and splashing it creates. Snow, water, and mud can all get splash off a truck’s large multitude of tires onto a car’s windshield. This can seriously compromise your visibility. Give trucks extra space under these kinds of weather conditions.

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