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Policing Our Own

Recently the Georgia Supreme Court disbarred two lawyers who should have been kicked out of the profession years ago. These lawyers were guilty of hiring “runners.” Runners are non-lawyers paid by an unscrupulous lawyer to go out and find personal injury clients. This is where we get the term “ambulance chasers”.  These runners, and lawyers that are hiring runners, are unethical people that are taking advantage of injured car wreck victims.  A typical practice of these unsavory characters is to scan police reports and contact innocent victims of car wrecks.  Once in contact with the victim, the runner will often lie, and use other high pressure tactics to get the injured person to sign up with the lawyer that is paying them.  This is not only distasteful, but it is also a clear violation of the Georgia Code of Professional Responsibility.

I point out this recent decision to applaud the Supreme Court for disbarring these guilty lawyers, and also to inform people that hiring runners is a practice used only by the worst of the worst.  If you are ever approached by a runner, first of all, please do not sign up with that outfit, and second, report the lawyer and the runner to the Georgia Bar.  These bad apples give honest lawyers a bad name.

If you are in need of a lawyer, please ask a friend, co-worker or family member for a recommendation. Whatever you do, never hire a lawyer that calls you out of the blue.

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