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Settlement for Victim of DUI Wreck

In June 2013, a young woman contacted Randall F. Rogers after an unpleasant three months dealing with a law firm that regularly advertises on television.  She was looking for a more personalized experience and found that at Randall F. Rogers.

In March 2013, our client was stopped in traffic when her vehicle was rear ended.  After an investigation by the Cobb County Police Department, the at-fault driver was determined to be intoxicated and was arrested for Driving Under the Influence and Following Too Closely.

Our client sustained injuries in the wreck and went to the emergency room later that night where she was diagnosed with a neck injury.  After chiropractic treatment proved unsuccessful, our client began treatment with an orthopaedic doctor.  The doctor prescribed intensive physical therapy and epidural steroid injections.  After a year of treatment, she slowly began to feel better and get her life back.

In addition to sustaining an injury in the car wreck, our client was also unable to work.  Fortunately, we was able to obtain the maximum limits from the liability carrier, which our client used to pay back the medical expenses she incurred and help reimburse her lost wages.  After obtaining the maximum amount from the liability carrier, we was then able to attain an additional settlement from the client’s uninsured motorist carrier.  The total recovery from both insurance companies totaled $94,000.00.

Once everything was resolved, our client commented on her experience with Randall F. Rogers:  “The law firm of Randall F. Rogers are very professional.  They always kept me up to date with everything that was going on with my case.  I went to them in a time of need and they helped me through it.  Very Grateful for having them and Ms. Ashlee Parks on my side.”

If you have been injured in a Georgia car wreck resulting from a drunk driver, you may have a legal claim.  To speak with an attorney about a car wreck, contact Randall F. Rogers at 770.590.0300 to set up a free consultation.

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