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Pedestrian Dies in DeKalb County Crash

Why are fatal pedestrian accidents on the rise nationally?

A pedestrian in DeKalb County, Georgia was recently killed in a hit and run crash.  The accident happened at the intersection of DeKalb Medical Parkway and Covington Highway.  Details about the accident have not been released, but police report that they were interviewing the driver when the driver suddenly fled the scene of the crash.  Police are looking for the hit and run driver, while the family members of the pedestrian accident victim mourn their loss.

Fatal Pedestrian Accidents Are On the Rise

This fatal pedestrian accident comes just less than two months after a Marietta woman was hit and killed by a car while trying to cross the road near a local bowling alley.  These tragic incidences are sadly part of a broad increase in the number of deadly pedestrian accidents.  The Governors Highway Safety Association released a report last Spring indicating that the number of fatal pedestrian accidents per year had risen by ten percent in 2015.  The increase in pedestrian accidents is alarming given the overall trend towards fewer traffic-related deaths.

Reasons for the Increase in Fatal Pedestrian Accidents

Safety officials are concerned by the rise in pedestrian accidents and are working to uncover the reasons behind it so that action can be taken to correct the negative trend.  There are several potential factors that likely all play a role in the increasing number of pedestrian fatalities, including:

  1. More traffic: The overall number of vehicles on the roadways has increased in recent years, in part due to a stronger economy and lower gas prices.  Additionally, urban areas have seen an increase in traffic.  More vehicles on the roads means more exposure for pedestrians who are trying to navigate around vehicles.
  2. Driver distraction: Drivers today are far more distracted than drivers of the past.  It is not uncommon for drivers to be texting, surfing the website, Snapchatting, and engaging in all other manner of distracting activities on their cell phones while attempting to drive.  Drivers who are looking down may not notice pedestrians attempting to cross the street.
  3. Drunk drivers: Drunk drivers continue to cause a large percentage of fatal pedestrian accidents.  While state laws continue to target intoxicated drivers, the overall number of drunk drivers has decreased little.

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