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Georgia Personal Injury Attorneys Offer Fireworks Safety Tips

How can I keep my family safe while setting off fireworks this summer?

Fireworks are synonymous with the Fourth of July.  While setting off fireworks can be a fun and exciting holiday activity, they can also be quite dangerous.  According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), there were at least 11 fireworks-related deaths in 2014 and tens of thousands of injuries requiring hospital treatment.  Our Georgia personal injury lawyers offer a look at some vital fireworks safety tips that could help keep you and your family safe this summer.

Fireworks Safety Tips

If you decide to set off fireworks on your own this year, follow these steps, set out by the CPSC, to ensure your safety:

  • Never purchase homemade fireworks, as these fireworks may contain high concentrations of fire powder which can be extremely dangerous;
  • Do not make your own fireworks for the same reason;
  • Light fireworks in a clear area, far away from trees, buildings, or homes;
  • Be sure no one is standing close to you when you light the fireworks;
  • Do not light fireworks if your region is under a fire warning or conditions are dry;
  • Do not stand directly over the firework when you light it; instead, stand to the side and move away quickly;
  • If a firework fails to go off, do not attempt to re-lit it, as the firework may be defective; instead, put it in water and throw it away;
  • Never let young children play with fireworks and make sure children are far away from the area in which you are setting off fireworks;
  • When you are done lighting the firework, douse them all in water to prevent the risk of fire.

Fireworks have been known to inflict serious injuries, most commonly to the eyes, hands, and face.  Burn injuries are the most common fireworks-related injuries, but other injuries include cuts and scrapes, loss of limbs, and brain injuries.  Anyone injured in a fireworks-related accident should consult with a Georgia personal injury attorney as soon as possible to protect their legal rights.

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