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Are Georgia Amusement Parks Safe?

How many people are injured or killed at fairs each year?

One person was killed and seven others seriously injured when a ride recently malfunctioned at the Ohio State Fair.  Officials report that the spinning and swinging ride called the Fire Ball broke apart, throwing several people from the ride.  At least two individuals were critically injured in the horrific crash.  This Ohio fair accident is just one of many theme park accidents to happen in recent years. Our Marietta, Georgia wrongful death lawyers discuss some of the horrific accidents that have occurred at Georgia theme parks or fairs in the past below.

Six Flags Over Georgia, 2002

In 2002, an employee of the Six Flags Over Georgia walked into a restricted area, right into the path of the Batman upside down roller coaster.  He was killed when a rider’s legs struck him in the head.

Six Flags Over Georgia, 2008

Six year after the first death involving the Batman coaster, another person was killed after he jumped the fence into a restricted area to retrieve his hat.  He was decapitated by the upside down coaster.

Carroll County Fair Grounds, 2008

Two nine-year-old boys were injured while riding a motorcycle kid’s ride at the fair.  One of the ride’s bikes fell off, causing one child to break a leg and the other to sprain an ankle.

Six Flags Over Georgia, 2009

A teenage girl fell ill and developed lung problems after playing in the water park’s wave pool.  She died from her illness.  The parents of the girl filed a wrongful death suit against Six Flags, claiming their child’s lungs were damaged from chemicals in the wave pool.

Coosa Valley Fair, 2016

A 13-year-old was left dangling in the air when the Zipper ride at the Coosa Valley Fair malfunctioned.  The boy came out of his harness when his cart’s doors opened, but fortunately he was able to hang on until he was rescued.

While most of us will go to the fair without incident, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission believes that over 30,000 people were injured, requiring medical treatment, in the year 2016 alone.  About 22 people were killed on fair rides since 2010.  Anyone who suffers an injury in a fair accident should contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible for assistance with their claim.

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