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What Is Your Georgia Personal Injury Case Worth?

What damages can I recover for in a personal injury case?

One of the first questions that any accident victim will ask is, “What is my personal injury case worth?”  Assigning a value to a case is complex.  There are several factors that will impact the worth of your personal injury action. Our Marietta, Georgia car accident attorneys at Randall F. Rogers, PC, discuss what your personal injury case may be worth below.

Evaluating Your Damages

The extent of the damages you suffer will have a significant impact on the value of your case.  In determining what your case is worth, you should start by tallying your damages.  The categories of damages that will drive the worth of your case include:

  1. Medical bills: You can seek compensation for your past and future medical bills in your personal injury lawsuit.  Past expenses are fairly easy to calculate, but future expenses may be more difficult to estimate.  Your attorney will help you to reach an accurate valuation of your ongoing medical costs.
  2. Lost wages: If the accident has prevented you from working, you can seek recovery for your lost wages suffered up until the date the case is settled, as well as future lost wages, which could include lifelong losses.
  3. Pain and suffering: Pain and suffering is hard to calculate.  Often, attorneys and insurance companies will multiply your damages by a certain figure between one and five, depending on the severity of the injury.
  4. Loss of consortium: If you are married, your spouse may be entitled to loss of consortium damages, or loss of companionship, love, and the like.

Assessing the Strength of Your Case

Once you have an idea as to the extent of your damages, you will also need to assess the strength of your case to determine its exact value.  No matter how extensive your damages may be, if your case is weak, you are unlikely to receive compensation for the full extent of the damages you suffered.  Your attorney is in the best possible position to determine the strength of your case.  A strong case will likely result in a settlement for close to the amount of damages you suffered.

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