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Safe Driving App Reveals Our Worst Driving Habits

How can I protect myself while driving?

The EverDrive app is designed to use sensors within your phone to analyze your driving behaviors.  Thus far, the app has collected over 780 million miles of driver data.  Now, a new report from the makers of EverDrive sheds light on some alarming behaviors that drivers across the nation engage in on a routine basis.  Our Marietta, Georgia car accident lawyers explore some of the most dangerous driving behaviors below and offer some tips to keep yourself safe on the road.

The Most Dangerous Driving Behaviors

According to EverDrive, the most dangerous driving behaviors are as follows:

  • Speeding: The number one unsafe driving behavior of Americans is speeding.  EverDrive found that we as Americans speed on about 38 percent of our trips.  Drivers in certain regions, such as the Northeast, are even more likely to speed.  In these super speeder areas, drivers exceed the speed limit almost half of the time.
  • Texting and Driving: Next to speeding, using our phones while driving is the next most dangerous driving behavior of drivers nationwide.  Up to 37 percent of us use our phones routinely while driving.  Texting while driving is the most hazardous behavior, drawing the driver’s eyes, attention, and hands from the wheel.

Drive Defensively

To protect yourself from injury in a car accident, start by practicing safe driving behaviors.  Stay below the speed limit and put down your cell phone for the duration of the drive.  Unfortunately, even the best of drivers may be injured in an accident because you cannot control the behavior of other drivers.

You can increase your odds of staying safe on the roadway by engaging in defensive driving.  Defensive driving techniques include:

  • Being prepared to react to other drivers
  • Remaining alert and scanning the road ahead
  • Avoiding any distractions
  • Controlling your speed
  • Being aware of any weather conditions or road conditions
  • Never assuming other drivers will obey the laws of the road

By driving vigilantly and anticipating stops or erratic behavior from others, you will be prepared to react should the need arise.  Anyone who is injured in a car accident in Georgia due to the negligence of another driver should contact our car accident attorneys for assistance.

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