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Tragic Missouri Duck Boat Accident Impacts Georgia Resident

Should the boating company be held responsible for the MO duck boat accident?

An Atlanta man recently lost nine of his relatives in the tragic duck boat accident that happened on Table Rock Lake in Branson, Missouri. Gary Coleman agreed to an interview with a local Georgia news station. Coleman expressed disbelief at his loss, stating that there were 11 Colemans on the duck boat at the time of the accident, but only two survived. Our Marietta, Georgia boating accident lawyers explore the horrific duck boat accident and liability issues surrounding it below.

The Duck Boat Accident

Tourists have long flocked to Branson to ride what is known as the duck boat, an amphibious vessel that goes from land to water. On July 19, the duck boat left the port with 31 people aboard, including the captain. Eleven passengers belonged to the Coleman family, who were taking a family vacation from Indiana.

At the time the boat hit the water, Branson was under a severe thunderstorm warning. While out on the lake, a gusty squall apparently hit the boat. It is unclear what exactly caused the boat to capsize, but the accident cost the lives of 17 people. Just 14 passengers survived the incident.

Several causes for the accident and the massive loss of life are being examined. At least one report suggests that the duck boat was improperly designed. With the exhaust in the front, it was at risk of engine failure should it take on water. Alternatively, many others have questioned why the duck boat was out on the water in the first place given the weather conditions. Lastly, there are reports that no one on the boat, including children, were wearing life jackets. Though the life jackets were on board, passengers were told they did not need to wear them.

There will be ongoing investigations into the cause of the duck boat accident and likely additional regulations put in place to prevent like accidents from occurring with popular tourist boats. The boating company could well face litigation from the survivors of this tragic accident for allowing the boat to go out in poor weather conditions, along with any other negligence grounds uncovered during further investigations.

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