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E-Scooters Cause a High Number of Injuries

Who is to blame for e-scooter accidents?

Electric scooters or e-scooters have become the transportation phenomenon of 2019.  E-scooters have become extremely popular in cities across the nation, with over 17,000 e-scooters reported in use in Los Angeles and nearly that many in Austin and other U.S. cities.  Riders of e-scooters tend to zip around on their sleek looking transportation devices, which can travel at up to at least 15 miles per hour. As e-scooters gain in popularity in the Atlanta area, our Georgia motor vehicle and motorcycle accident lawyers discuss alarming injury statistics that may highlight some significant risks in the use of e-scooters.

E-Scooters Linked to Injuries and Death

Thus far, there are three major e-scooter companies that offer their scooters for rent in cities across the country.  These companies are Bird, Spin, and LimeBike. Additionally, some people now own e-scooters for more continuous use. All three rental companies have stated that they provide users with safety instructions, check the user’s driver’s license, and offer helmets.  Nonetheless, the incidence of e-scooter accidents is growing.

Thus far, it is believed that three people have died in e-scooter related accidents.  One accident occurred in Washington, D.C. when a rider was struck by an SUV. Another accident happened in Dallas when a man fell off a Lime scooter and did not survive.  Lastly, a young woman in Cleveland was hit by an intoxicated driver while riding an e-scooter hybrid.

In addition to these horrific deaths, it is estimated that nearly a dozen personal injury accidents involving e-scooters are happening every week.  In San Diego, where e-scooter use is estimated to be about 13,000, there have been at least 30 e-scooter accidents in just a four-month period.

Questions are now swirling as to who should be held accountable when an e-scooter death or injury occurs.  Already, a class action lawsuit has been filed against two of the major e-scooter creators. The suit involves claims by pedestrians that they were assaulted by e-scooter users.  It is likely that the makers of e-scooters will soon face litigation due to injuries occurring by users of the product. Segway was sued back in 2011 after a man suffered a traumatic brain injury while using one of their products, resulting in a $10 million award.  Anyone injured while riding on an e-scooter should consult with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

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