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State Farm Proves To Be A “Good Neighbor” In Recent Jury Trial

In a somewhat unique situation, we was asked to represent the Defendant in a recent car wreck case.  This is unique because we exclusively represents people who have been injured by others’ negligence.  Usually, the person injured by someone’s negligence is the Plaintiff and not the Defendant.  In this case, we was approached by this client after the client had been served with a lawsuit for a car wreck he said was not his fault and one that caused him injury resulting in medical expenses.

Because the client had State Farm insurance, and he was sued, State Farm provided a lawyer to defend the client.  While State Farm would defend the client, State Farm could not pursue a Counterclaim against the Plaintiff.  We agreed to take on the Counterclaim.  This arrangement set up an unlikely alliance between Randall F. Rogers and State Farm.  In the typical case, Randall F. Rogers and State Farm are adversaries and not part of the same trial team.  Despite their usual differences, we and the State Farm lawyer worked together to obtain the best result they could for their mutual client.

The case eventually went to trial in Cobb County State Court.  During the trial, we and the State Farm lawyer worked as a team, each contributing to the final positive outcome.  The case resulted in a Defense verdict and money damages in the Counterclaim, exactly what we and State Farm wanted for their mutual client.  It just goes to show, that sometimes a plaintiff lawyer and a defense lawyer can get along and obtain great results.

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