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Charter Bus and Truck Collide in Georgia, Killing One and Injuring 43

What causes charter bus accidents in Georgia?

A horrific highway accident in Georgia recently resulted in the death of one person and injuries to dozens of others.  The accident happened on Highway 515 in Gilmer County.  A charter bus operated by a 66-year-old man from Marietta collided with a truck.  The bus had been on its way to a casino in North Carolina when it struck the back of a big rig that was attempting to turn left.  The force of the accident sent over 40 to the hospital and tied up traffic for several hours.  Thus far, no one has been charged in connection with the fatal accident and investigations are ongoing.

Causes of Charter Bus Accidents

Charter buses have long been a popular mode of transportation for organizations and groups traveling to events or destinations in Georgia and beyond.  While charter buses are generally a safe way to travel, negligent bus drivers and poor maintenance can create considerable hazards.  Due to their tremendous size and the number of passengers often aboard a charter bus, accidents involving commercial buses often involve mass injuries.

Some factors that may contribute to charter bus accidents include:

  1. Bus driver inattention: Charter bus drivers spend long hours on the roads.  They may become tempted to eat, text, talk on the phone, daydream, or otherwise not pay attention to the road ahead.  When the driver of a massive bus becomes distracted, serious accidents can result.
  2. Speeding: Charter bus drivers are under time pressures to reach their destinations and start on the next job.  This may encourage some drivers to exceed the speed limit in order to maximize profits or please their employer.
  3. Tired bus drivers: Bus drivers will often drive through the night and spend several hours at a time on the road.  Drivers who become overtired may lose focus, experience slow reaction times, and engage in speeding or other dangerous behaviors.
  4. Poor maintenance: Charter buses require regular maintenance to ensure they are in safe working order.  When a bus company skips on maintenance to save money, it can have devastating consequences.

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